Aug 19, 2000
I'm looking for people who are good with cgi script or php and have frontpage2000 to help me with my web site.
I have a good web site already but I need a little more advanced updating other then myself updating every by hand all the time. With work and college I don't have the time to keep everything updated all the time. I need some helpers that have frontpage2000. If you know cgi or php and want to help me just e-mail me... or go to my web site Dirt Bikers League and go to the join link as a staff member. I didn't want to advertise like this but I haven't got a reply from my site or my other clubs. Thanks for your time. Sorry if I wasted your time too.:confused:


Jan 1, 2001
WOW! I am impressed Danny. The site is looking it's best! With all the bike repair I am doing and school I really don't have the time to help you :( sorry.
Keep up the good work and drop me an email.

Lee Wilson
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