Dirt Rider Article-finally!


Dec 29, 2000
Finally read the May 2001 DR article on the GG XC250 and other test bikes. Hang on... I'm dragging over the dead horse to beat it.

Now, the GG was an XC model. The one with the light flywheel. That some people on this site and Smackover feel is a quick, easy to stall motor. And they, Dirt Rider, call it a heavy flywheeled, slow revving (but very smooth) tractable motor. What's up with that? In fact they compared it to an E-Line setup ~10oz. flywheel. So what's the EC like? A 16oz. flywheel? And the MC model, standard Jap MX bike?

In all they loved the bike but reserved their highest accolades for anything made by KTM!


Sep 1, 2000
I have a Gas Gas 250 with the XC flywheel and I would have to say it is not easy to stall. I race here in Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Utah where it is high altitude and a lot of hills and steep hills. I love this bike. I had a GG 200 with the EC flywheel and I had to gear it down on the front 1 tooth just to get any bottom end. Then when I rode the XC 250 I was hooked. The thing has so much power but it was SMOOOOTH! It is not a tractor bottom end power (the 300 is more like a tractor) but it just pulls strong. If you are going up a hill and as long as you keep giving it gas it will just keep pulling stronger and stronger. I race 250 A in the Rocky Mountain Enduro Curcuit and so I go over a lot of really technical stuff. My own stupidy is the only thing that has kept me from making it up stuff easily. I will admit that my KTM 200 had more bottom end grunt but since the GG handles so much better I am just going faster into everything. This will kill a KTM on mid and top end power.

Josh Cook

Oct 6, 2000

It's too bad Gas Gas wont suck-up to the magazines like KTM. They might actually get to be in more shoot-outs :o
I just finished reading about a small bore shootout that stated the KTM 200 was the "ONLY" bike sold "race ready". WHAT A LOAD OF ****!!!!:think
The gasgas 200 was not even mentioned......


Mar 12, 2000
GG should start sucking up to the mags whether they want to or not. If they dont they will never become a mainstream bike. I know they are a great bike but the majority of people have never heard of them.


Jul 12, 2000
There is more about it in the general discussions. Needless to sasy i never got a March issue, did get April, and have yet to recieve May. But I now have there phone # so they will here about it Monday Morning:p

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