DirtWeek 2001 ... prize list sneak preview


Thought I'd toss out a couple of the give-aways for DirtWeek. I'll release the whole list as the date get's near.

Complete MX-TECH Suspension, on site by Jeremy Wilkey
Asterisk Knee Braces
Generac Gas Powered Pressure Washer
14 gift certificates from Boyesen along with other stuff
A VERY cool gift certificate for EVERYONE attending, from the Guru himself, Eric Gorr (it's not just for his services)
Smith Racer Pack Goggles (with roll-offs)

.... I better stop, gotta keep the suspense going....

I'll say this much, there are going to be a LOT of happy people. Register!!


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Okie you tease!

Sounds like the sponsorship is very strong this year.

slo' mo

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Originally posted by Jewell
How do you win these killer prizes?

show up. Ride. Get lucky.... Actually, I think almost everyone came away with some kinda prize last year. And this year is shaping up real nice....:)