Jun 27, 2000
Why does LTM {Casey} not give dist. 15 points like theyuse to?
I race H.S. When they gave dist. 15 points they sure had a better turn outat the races. I am not in dist. 15. Just wanted to know why they use to give points to them and not now?:think


2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
Totally not

Jean's or LTM's fault. Something like 5-8 years ago there was a track in that area in IN (d-15). A MX track that was running races and wanting the whole pie so to speak, well they complained that they had to compete with Casey for races so since Casey is an outa state track they got voted out of d-15. Same thing happened in d-18 with Casey.
Its really sad in a way to, Casey was the only place for the riders for many MANY years,not to mention income for those districts, then after they developed ridership and worked through the hard times in the 80's, here comes a bunch of tracks and people to skim the cream off the top by passing rules to keep out the competition.

Of course now the main track that made the stink is history. Guess if you earn it then its worth keeping and if you scamm it then it has lot less value?

Hope that answers that for ya, I got more but prolly get me in trouble!


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