Mar 12, 2000
I have been noticing a lot of guys are trying to sell their RFS MXC tank. It seems only a few months ago that everyone wanted to buy one. Did you guys just not like it or what? I think the IMS tank for the RFS is the way to go. I thought I needed a bigger tank but I am finding that after I burn a full tank on my EXC on tight single track, I have just about had enough biking for one day.


Aug 21, 2000

I love mine. Takes 2 minutes to get used to it. They are slick and there is a demand for them. Hoow many used tanks sell for $200? No others that I know of. Usuall mor like $75. Ride on and may you never worry about your fuel level again!


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Sep 24, 2000

Scottyr, I swaped my EXC tank with another guy when they were both brand new. I thought it would be better with extra gas. My reasons to sell are simply for cosmetics, where I prefer the changable shrouds.


Jan 18, 2001
I have been riding a Y2K 520 EX/C for about one year with the stock tank, then purchased a MX tank from the dealer for around $320. Have used the MX tank for about four months and love it. I just trail ride with my 520 and run a few Dual Sport events now and then.

Yes, I Dual Sport converted the bike. Been that was since day one. Have had NO PROBLEMS. Bike only sees pavement when I ride the Dual Sport events though.

Sure is nice having the extra fuel !

James Dean

May 17, 2000
Not everyone likes the MXC tanker

One of my riding friends bought a MXC tank and did not like it. It was too wide at the radiator shrouds for him. He is about 6'1" and he complained of his knees being pushed out. He sold it for close to what he paid because the demand is so high and it was like new. He now carries extra fuel in a backpack as needed. If the IMS tank is narrower, it will be a better choice. IMHO


Jul 21, 1999
I just did the buy, try, sell thing with an MXC tank. AAMOF, the MXC tank is in a large box in the back of my 'burb on it's way to the post office this morning to go to a better home.

I thought it'd be okay after I installed it. Didn't feel bad at all on the stand or riding around the yard. On the first real test ride on some tight single track, I was able to ride a buddy's sister bike back to back with mine. Big difference to me. Much narrower at the tank/seat junction and easier to stay forward on the EXC tank.

If I was not racing and/or had much longer/more open rides, I'd have proabably kept the tank. It's a good design but just too wide for me in the tight woods. The knee braces on each knee probably exaggerate the problem a bit for me, too. Not sure if I'll get the IMS tank or not. I'll wait for some more reviews.


Jul 22, 2000
i've ridden with mine a few times with and without knee braces on both single track and open rides. i prefer the exc tank but i need the range on a lot of rides. i managed 90 miles before hitting reserve the other day. the best i've got on my exc is 48 before reserve. so what i do is just swap the tanks out on the days i know i'm doing shorter rides. its only a couple of bolts. the reality on some of the terrain here out west you can't have too much gas or too much water!!


Jun 18, 2001
I don't have a problem with my MXC tank. Only wish someone would make some nice graphics for them and the front edges of the tank are getting beat up from bushes. When fill it does make the front tire push a little in turns because of the extra weight. The good thing is "fill it and forget it all day". It would be great to have both tanks.


Feb 5, 2001
Got the two tanks for my EXC and switch between them depending on the riding i'll do ... a spare gas cap and quick connect valve are usefull for that
makes the job a 5 minutes one..... :) MXC tank is no wider when standing but a little when sitting ( wider at the front ) But the added range is well worth the extra width ( BTW no wider than the stock tank of a XR 650 or WR 426...)

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Jul 20, 2000
Tank options

I have the MXC tank and like it except for motocross, where I agree that it feels very wide- not helped by knee braces and long legs. I tried to look for the IMS tank on their web site but it returns nothing for a KTM 400. Any advice on tracking the right one down? Also, any other options beyond IMS and KTM?
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