May 21, 2001
Hey guys-
My dad and I are looking at adding a new hobby to our list...sailing. We have a friend who used to own a ~30' that we went out on a few times on lakes and such. Then when in the Bahamas this year we rented a hobie (not quite a real sailboat), and played around with that for a while. But most recently we went racing with a guy my mom works with. He has a new Beneteau First 36.7 (it's not a cruiser, it's designed for racing). Every wednesday they do a ~2hr race in Maryland that has 50 or so boats. Unfortunately the most wind we got the first 110 minutes was 3.7 knots. But (!) it was still awesome. I was working the halyards in the pit, and that was amazing. We learned to tack (you might think you'd tack less freqeuently if you're not moving, but it's not so), and did it 30 or so times. A storm was coming in when we were 10 yards from the turning point buoy, but in half an hour we couldn't make any progress on it. Then the storm came in. 38.5 knots of wind. Lots of rain, lots of lighting. It was a little scary (we turned on the engines and headed in at this point), but definitely exhilarating. So...we went to Annapolis that weekend to check out the boats and look into sailing schools, and we learned some good stuff. They've got two day classes at the Annapolis Sailing School where you can recieve the qualifications to take out one of their 30'ers. Then they offer group cruises, where there will be a dozen boats of new sailers and a couple instructors in motorboats to help out. The current plan is to going racing with the friends again, take the class, then look at purchasing a 37' cruiser at some point next year. We saw quite a few Jenneau's in Annapolis, and they looked like good boats, anybody know these?

So What? I wanted to get some feedback on the sport, maybe hear some of your stories. Let's talk about sailing (we can use nifty words like spinnaker and shrouds ;))


May 21, 2001
Forgot to add this -

The Beneteau we raced

Neil Wig

Jun 22, 2000
YZeater, that's a mighty expensive lookin' rowboat.

What does a boat like that go for (new)?

I think sailing would be an incredible hobby, if I weren't landlocked for best part of 3000 km. I wonder what it would be like to sail to Jamaica, or any of the island chain. I've heard piracy is alive and well.




Mi. Trail Riders
Jan 1, 2001
I had a small boat as a kid. It was a riot. I used to take it out in gail force winds and get it leaning past the point of no return!

Now, my mother (of all people) owns a 28' Catalina that she sails around Lake Michigan. I have not been on it in a couple years. I moves much too slow for me, LOL! It will only do 7 knots max WFO under power or no matter hard the wind is blowing.

I talked her into adding a fish finder and down rigger so it may be time to go for a ride.



May 8, 2001
i sail but have stuck to daysail type boats because of the easy setup takedown of the rigging. ive had monos and currently have a hobie 16. its fast and fun. the idea of a larger mono hull intrigues me but because of the build of the boat, you almost have to have a slip. its one of those things im probably going to be up to my neck in when my body says no more bikes. that may be awhile.............i hope. there is definitely something about sailing. wind and the sound of the hull slicing through the water. its a good place to think.

the pirates ARE real in the carribean.

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