Down, and out....but not for the count.


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Damn Yankees
Hey gang, just got the news that after being on lay-off since the end of Feruary, my position has been terminated due to the slow down in the economy and the lack of signed contracts.

Point is, how much, other than fuel and food getting to and from, do most of you spend. I think this was covered before, and my apologies, I couldn't find it. Just a rough estimate would be great.

I still want to make it, just have to start things over here in central Iowa. Hopefully well enough to save the cash required.

Thanks all.



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Rooster the only extra I spent was my share of the motel room for showers, the xtra gas driving to the motel every nite and some ice.


Rooster-It can be a very INexpensive trip. Last year we slept in the back of my truck and only spent a few dollars at McDonald's for breakfast the second day. Brought enough gas to last the trip for the bikes, and you get meals from the concession stand as part of your entry fee. You should be able to make it a very economical adventure. If it's anything like last year, you'll come away with t-shirts and other give-aways worth more than you'll have to spend. Email me if you have any other questions.:)