Easy ways to maintain KDX


I have a 90 KDX 200 and have only been riding it since march. The day that I first rode it was the first time I had ever been on a dirt bike, so I have no clue as to how to maintain it successfully except for cleaning the airfilter and changing the oil. Are there any other fairly easy ways to keep it running well? Also, after the last time I rode the bike got pretty hot and a brownish fluid started leaking from under the bike. Came from above the rear tire. Should I be worried? thanks:)


David Trustrum

Yeah a bit, that was the overflow bottle, which runs from the rad to the back of the bike if it is still there. I would drain flush & replace the coolant. Keep note, if it forces fluid out again in normal conditions chances are the head gasket is blown & is pressurising the cooling system forcing it out past the rad cap.

Repack that silencer. The brakes should be cleaned & pads inspected. Chain/sprocket, tires obviously.

When I bought my 91 it was a total nail, you have to expect that after 10+ years being thrashed in the dirt. Buy a manual. Every so often take things apart & inspect the brgs, regrease them & reassemble, start with the rear suspension linkage which is always suspect, the wheel brgs, steering head bearings.

Also when you are brave it is time to take the barrel off & clean the power valves which will be seized up & maybe the gears stripped (LHS usual). Maybe time to throw in a new set of rings.

The fork & shock oil are due for replacement (though take the shock to someone).

Don’t despair. This is all easy work & will result in a bike that is crisp & handles better than you imagined & you will learn a stack about your bike in the process.

If you haven’t already check out the just kdx site.


Tbone250, David's reply is right on the money. Speaking of money, if your 90 model is anything like my 92 I bought pd $1100 it will cost a little bit to get right and keep it right. I'm like you, 1992KDX200 is my first dirt bike, and I'm know machanic. I have learned a lot. check out buykawasaki.com for microfish and part #'s. Also my e-mail is kevin1@iol-12 for direct questions. Definetly get in there and check on the kips valves. I did and was surprised to find only one intact. Im waiting on the new ones right now.


Thanks for the help. I did get the coolant drained and put fresh stuff in. As for the other stuff, I tried but either did not have the right tools, or I just had no idea how to do it. I will try to check out the KIPS valves today. I have a race on Sunday, the bike seems to be running OK. The coolant was just super dirty so I think that is why it got to hot. With that kind of a problem do you think it is alright to go ahead and enter the hare scramble?