Hot Sauce
Oct 28, 2001
Hi, I'm curious about getting involved in enduro racing.. Looking at the AMA's site, does your bike need too be registered for the street?? Where can i find out about getting involved??
Thanks in advance,


Aug 30, 2003
Race a local club enduro or go to the national enduro when its close by. Enduros are truelly a test of your endurance of punishment

Have a great time. you should go just for a ride then see how bad you really want to ride those enduros. If you just treat it like a fun trail ride with a few of your budds. You will come out 100 miles later. If your rarrin to go agin You should ride the next national.
Main thing is just dont forget the fun.. and good luck

Al E

May 26, 2000
Bike "Legality" depends on the enduro and where it is being run.
If it is an off road enduro then the bike doesn't need to be street legal.

If the enduro is run on roads to get from offroad section to offroad section then it is usually required to have a street legal bike.

The legitimacy of the street legality of the bike may be up to the club that is putting on the race.

With our club we usually tell the riders it is between them and any local law enforcement officials that they encounter, a couple of years ago the state police set up a road block and started checking everyone that went through.
At the start of our races we usually look for at least a functioning headlight.

So it basically depends on where the race is and how much road may be involved.

Al E


Apr 15, 2000
The D36 enduros do not require your bike to be street legal, in fact most riders do not run any lights. Check out the D36 web page for more information on enduros.

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