Female Riders in the Pacific Northwest!


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Oct 23, 2000
Hey, let's sign up on a Yahoo email list or something so we can plan rides and not all of us check up on DRN hourly. Actually, male riders are welcome too. What I am trying to do is assemble a group of people to ride with who are a little closer to my skill level, which I would say is about novice or maybe intermediate level, to ride trails, not mx with. I have decided that I would prefer to challenge myself but not at the level that Steve's trails challenge me. So what do you all think? Any ideas of how to plan more regular rides? I'm relatively new here too so I don't know of that many places to go. I still haven't been to Reiter, Walker Valley, Capitol, Belfair or Shelton. I have been to that little place in Buckley and that's not too bad. Get in touch with me and tell me what you think. Include not only your contact info but your work schedule so we all know who's free which days. Thanks.


Jul 13, 2001
Sorry about replying to an old post for female riders (hehe) but I wanted to let you know that I have ridden quite a bit in Belfair and there are some pretty good trails that are not too advanced. I dont know what you are used to but...
I also kinda like Belfair because when it is raining it gets wet but not really muddy. It takes somewhere around an hour and a half I think to get there from Kent and they have a GOOD pizza place in town!
Good Luck.
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