Feb 4, 2007
So I bought a new sprocket kit for my '97 YZ 125. Everything has been taken off and I'm just waiting for the kit to get here tommorow.

First of all, when I went to go loosen the front sprocket nut, it wasn't on there very tight... it didn't take much torque to get it loose. Is this normal?

Secondly, obviously I had to take out the rear axle to get the rear sprocket off. What should I re-grease the axle with? Or does it not need to be re-greased?

Thirdly... since taking my rear wheel off, what needs to be "reset" when putting it back on? Stupidly, I didn't look at what I had it set at before removing it. Is there a standard setting, or am I just going to have to do some trial and error?


Jun 12, 2007
Firstly, I really think it should be on tight, tho i cant give u exact torque for it

Secondly, I use Morrisons race grease, waterproof grease and works very well. Search waterproof grease lithium type on 3bay or google.

Thirdly, the adjusters may be still in the correct place but to be safe you can reset both of them and adjust them until both sides and perpendicular and the chain slack is within spec. Make sure the wheel is in the right place or the chain can come off, the disc caliper and disc may also be damaged.

Hope that helps
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