Apr 28, 2007
I am 16 years old, 5'9 150lbs
I have very little experience-I have only gone around the block on a few fifties and a one hundred, but I am good at downhill mountain biking if that helps. I live in cali, and want a green sticker, not sure what my pricerange is, so i will consider anything. I plan on riding a mix of mx and trails, not racing. My freinds that ride all seem to say a 125 2stoke or a 250 four stroke. So what bikes would you recomend for me?


Apr 28, 2007
I would say ... A 125 2-stroke would be a good starting bike, just make sure you take it easy at first dont rush it ,,,,,get a feel for the bike. As for brand bike(honda, ktm, suzuki, kawasaki) Just choose your favorite color because they are all about equal specifications... Although the YZ 125 is a bit bigger than the others, KTM has a better engine but its handling isnt so good. RM and CR are good all around bikes and KX is also a good all around bike .

Also remember saftey first... Much better for a helmet to get cracked than your skull


Apr 21, 2007
If its your 1st bike and have little experience than maybe go with a 250 4 stroke as its power is allot more user friendly , it depends on your confidence however..

if you go with a 125 take it easy and get used to the bike before you even think about full throttling that thing. A 125 doesn't have much bottom end but once powerband kicks in it will surely give you a scare if your not prepared.

take i easy and you will eventually get used to it :)


Dude Guy Bub
Damn Yankees
Mar 31, 2007
Yes there are many choices other than the 250 ,125 range that may be suitable for you. As far as modle types it really depneds on what type of riding you'll be doing more of, mx/sx series are a better choice for tracks and racing, while offroads are for well.... OFF-ROading.

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