First Ride: GasGas = FunFun


Got the EC300 out for the first time today. After taking several loving pics (I figure it'll never look that good again), and taking off the rear blinkers (yep, it's a Euro spec. -- not just headlight and taillight, but blinkers, even a dang key!), she was ready to be broken in. So off to the Vet track at Elsinore.

Had an absolute blast. I'm no expert (understatement of the year) but the only part I was worried about -- the forks -- worked great. The motor was awesome. And the weight -- geesh. Between the motor, the quick steering, and the weight loss, the fun meter was PEGGED! (The xr400 is indeed going up for sale). I think this was a perfect bike for a guy like me making the transition from a 4 to a 2 stroke. Like they say -- the power curve is so linear, and chugs so well, that it's sort of like a 3 stroke. All I know is it was all good -- I loved the increased ZIP, or POP, of the power, but never felt like it was trying to leave me behind. And if it felt this great on the track, I can't WAIT to get it out on the trails -- its intended home.

All in all it was very awesome day. Fun to ride with Bill and Dad again, and to meet J Dem Bones. Only down side was when my XR put down my neighbor who had borrowed it. (He's fine, guys. That golf ball on his elbow was gone by the time we got home thanks to some ice).

Ear to ear grin -- for SURE. :cool:

p.s. Brings to mind my signature line!

dirt bike dave

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Sounds sweet! Bring it up here in October to Elkins Flat so we can try to arrange a Gas Gas 300 vs. KTM300 vs. TM300 vs. CRE250 vs. Gas Gas 200 shoot out! :)


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I have been looking for a way to desrcribe the power. You nailed it when you said 3 stroke. :)


That's one trick machine you got there LT. Congrats, can't wait to do a ride.



Yes the fun factor is high on a GasGas!! Congrads on the new bike!!! Looking forward to meeting you in Oct and checking out your bike!!!

Dave....who is bringing a TM300E????

dirt bike dave

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A friend of mine, Peter, has one. He rode with me last time I was at EF. I'll make sure he knows about the ride in October. The TM does not lack for motor. :cool:


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I just picked up a 2001 XC-200 and a freind got a EC 300. Rode it for the first time last Sunday. The handling of these bike is phenomenal. The power almost seemed electric. I had no problems with any hills, the 200 made it up all of them . For the first time in a while I'm actually looking forward to riding again this Sunday. I feel this is one of the most imperessive bike I've owned (I've owned a lot) right out of the crate.


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GasGas honeymoon

You should have taken it to Starwest yesterday - the jumps aren't that bad (*cough*). I almost left SW without doing any of the jumps (if that would have happened, then I would have kicked myself for missing the maiden voyage at Elsinore). After about three hours of hedging, I finally nailed most of them, so I'm back where I was four months ago.

Sounds like you and the Old XR had unreconcilable differences. Hope the GasGas honeymoon is a long and happy one.:D
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Grinning and Drooling

That's all we saw from LT Wednesday. He rode way in the back of the pack just to keep the roost away from the new bike! :p (which I appreciated, by the way, since it kept me from the last position!)

Ol89'r, you may have a tougher time getting him on the trails now since he knows you'll make him scratch it. He may not have even whimpered when he broke his ankle, but looks like he'll cry a river when he gets that first ding!

LT, you have to sell that hexed XR. It's a death machine. Maybe it needs an XRcism? :scream: Has it ever been out where it didn't hurt somebody?

That new ride is sweet, enjoy. We'll see you next Wednesday, right?


LT- We need you at the next Phelan ride to combat the forces of darkness. Bundy has used his wiley ways to sway one of our own toward the dark side. Perhaps if he was to witness your sweet new ride in action we can win him back!
BTW, Eel is putting together a Gorman run on the 29TH. Husky vs. KTM vs. GasGas? How about it?


I will be doing my best to make as many Gorman/Phelan/BigBear/Corona rides as I can in this upcoming Fall season. Anything in store next weekend?


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Originally posted by dirt bike dave
Sounds sweet! Bring it up here in October to Elkins Flat so we can try to arrange a Gas Gas 300 vs. KTM300 vs. TM300 vs. CRE250 vs. Gas Gas 200 shoot out! :)

When is this outing, and who's KTM? It must be a worthy KTM300! If the date works, I'll bring my 300 & 400. I am racing every other weekend from 9/30 to 11/11. I hope I can fit it in;)