Apr 22, 2007
Hey guys. New member here. I just recently bought a 01 WR250F. Needs a couple small things. New rear rotor, brake pads, and possibly new wheel. It has 3 spokes broken. If the rim doesnt have a wobble do 3 spokes really make a big difference?

I plan on replacing the wheel anyways but is it rideable the way she is while im waiting for the new wheel to come in. I live in a small isolated town where it takes everything a couple weeks to come in. I would just like to learn how to ride the bike while im waiting on parts. No serious hard riding.

What type of maintenance should i perform on the bike when i get home before my first ride? Any specific things to look out for with these bikes?

All this bike talk is kinda overwhelming for me. Im a snowmobile addict more than anything and need something to do in the non-winter months.I think bikes are gonna be , dare i say, too much fun. I can easily see me getting addicted to them aswell.

Thanks for helping out a newbie. On a side note are there any other sledders here?

Welcome to DRN

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