Mar 13, 2013
Finally got to install my fmf SST and turbinecore 2 exhaust was waiting for it to do the JD jet kit as well. Didn't realize it but maybe the previous owner jetted for the winter cause it had a 320 Mj // and a 30 SJ // needle was at 2nd clip. cause I have done extensive amounts of research finding the year of this engine and a '00-'01 calls for 360-380 MJ and higher for the SJ as well. (btw Im at roughly 500' above Sea level becoming summer at 70-80 degrees F.) and maybe that was the reason I had a really hard! Initial start. I mean like 70 degree weather and it would stumble for like 2 minutes until it would warm up enough for a braap :nod: Anywho Jd jet kit recommended #390 MJ // 32.5 SJ // and it comes with there needle at 3rd clip. This kind of scared me cause after it was warmed up it ran fairly well, althou today I checked plug and it was slightly whited on the hook and around the electrode rim of the threads was marshmallow brown, deff. could see it was running a lil lean tho. also Running Vforce3 Reeds/block. airscrew at 1 3/4. Now although it definitely fixed my hard start it was to late to go riding and fine tune or see if it bogged or anything like that at all ranges of throttle position. not gonna mess around with it until I'm at operating temp's. Just wanted to share my awesome day. My troubleshooting for my hard start was New reeds, jetting complimented with a new exhaust :cool: ...Hopefully its just a lil airscrew tuning, or its back to the carb :bang:
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