Apr 11, 2001
My riding bud Gary B.aka broken collar bone just has given me a Zip ty 8oz. flywheel weight that fits his 99 YZ400F . First will this work on my 01 426 ? second, does it get mounted on the inside or outside of flywheel .My guess would be the inside but I haven't a qlue .Any and all insight to these questions would be very helpful.Thanks to all that respond.


Oct 16, 2000
Dude, I added the Ty Davis 8 oz. to my 00 426. What a difference man. To answer your question, it bolts onto the outside of the flywheel and should work with your 01. The weight should also come with a spacer, longer dowels, and 2 longer bolts. Double check with Ty at www.ziptyracing.com to ensure the it will fit. Also, unless you have a drill press to accurately drill out your flywheel and tap it, take it to a pro and have it done. I tried doing mine by freehand and almost screwed the pooch.

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