Nov 7, 2001
I have been thinking about adding a weight to my KX400's flywheel. I dont imagine there are any out there made to fit, its a '75. Are there universal type units? and how are they attached? Just what exactly are they, discs that bolt on or what? I imagine the key would be that it is balanced.


Oct 19, 2006
Steahly units are bolt on. I also doubt you'll be able to get one for the bike. However, if you befriend someone at a machine shop with the ability to balance a small flywheel, you could just have him tack weld a weighted ring onto the flywheel. I emphasize tack weld because if you get the wheel too hot, it will lose its magnetism. You could also send the cylinder out to be ported to tame down the hit and just not use the flywheel weight.

Any machine shop will be able to make and weld the ring for you. An electric motor shop should be able to balance the unit for you.
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