John Curea

Feb 29, 2000
First things first, the fork is over sprung for your weight.
The stock 01 YZ125 comes with .41 fork springs.
At 125 lbs., I would reccomend .38 fork springs, use Mobil 1 ATF at 90mm oil height.
Set the clickers at 10 Comp 14 Rebound

Take Care, John


Moto Junkie
Apr 21, 2000
I know this doesn't (directly) relate to your forks - but you need to set your sag too (100-105 mm) - before you start messing with the clickers. I know you haven't even touched this yet - but it is must do starting point on all bikes! Then you can try to work with what you have until you decide to go to softer springs or a revalve or grow into the stock springs (for a rider 160-170 lbs. - I believe) :)

Also - since you haven't touched a thing yet - maybe try kxvet's recommendations along with something like shocknut's recommendations that he gave you here:

Good luck - and being 125 lbs. too on the same bike - I can definately recommend a revalve on the forks and shock! Before I had my suspension done - my front tire was popping out high on ruts and I kept falling over :eek: Now it's just awesome - and I can go out there and ride the bike and not have to worry about my suspension at all!

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