Jul 7, 2000
I've decided the next improvement my bike need is in the suspension department. I'm going to do forks first and am looking to buy a mid-valve and install it myself. I'm looking for recommendations from fellow kdx'ers on what you've used, think works well etc. I'll probably go with one of the major players such as Race Tech, WER, or MX Tech. What do you think is the best bang for the buck?
'96 KDX 200
age: 35
wt: 165
ht: 5'5"
race: 35+ class hare scrambles and enduro

Canadian Dave

Super Power AssClown
Apr 28, 1999
I've used both the GVs and MX-Tech valves. I'd look to MX-Tech or WER as the Race Tech set up makes it difficult to tune out mid stroke harshness without using a single stage stack. Both MX-Tech and WER will deliver a shim stack you can use and will be happy with right off the bat. The Race Tech system requires a lot of playing around with to come up with a usable combination and then you’ll likely never come up with something as good as the other guys deliver right off the bat. Race Tech’s recommendation are not useful for KDX owners.


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