Jul 12, 2000
I was curious as to whether a little bit of oil leaking is normal on inverted forks? My KTM forks have been leaking for the better part of a year and the bike is only a year old. The forks have never had any severe loads placed on them. They don't leak very much just some minor seapage, like when the fork is compressed it will leave a thin oil ring on the fork slider wherever they stopped going down. it is not enough oil to cause it to drip onto the garage floor. Is this something I should worry about and do I need to do a seal change?


Jan 11, 2001
I don't know whether it's normal or not, I wouldn't say so though. Have you tried cleaning out the seals with a film negative? That has solved that kind of leak with our bikes.


Mar 17, 2001
Keep an eye on the fork oil level, we change ours every couple of months anyway. I wouldn't worry until you notice build up at the base of the fork leg.

By the way, after 8 years paying someone else to change seals (thinking it was really difficult) I just changed my first set. It was SO easy, so give it a go. I recommend the motion pro seal driver though - I struggled before I bought that. I replace my sons at least twice a year, other people never touch them, so there doesn't seem to be a real rule of thumb for longevity.

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Nov 21, 2000
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There should not be any oil coming out of the seals. It sounds like they are just dirty. Remove the dust seal and spray some contact cleaner onto the seal to remove and dirt. Then slide a piece of card stock under the seal to dislodge and debris that might be trapped.

And like zsr says, learn how to change them yourself. You’ll save a bundle of money.

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