Oct 7, 2000
The other day I went on a field trip with my son to a nature preserve that has animals native to GA. The animals there had been injured or orphaned. The Bald Eagle was up on his perch even though he had a wing that had been pinned together. He looked proud and strong.
The guide asked the kids,"What does the eagle symbolize to us as Americans?"
"Freedom", the kids answered. "Freedom, Freedom!, FREEDOM!!"
As the words echoed through the woods I looked at my son and the rest of the second graders. I prayed they would always know freedom.
I looked at the eagle. I thought how much he was like the country he represents- a little beat up but still proud and strong.

If everyone stays home in fear the terrorists are winning. Go to that ballgame, take that flight.

No scum sucking vermin are going to take our freedom away.

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