front wheel fitting question????


First, I just want to thank everyone for their help so far.

MY question is, do you clamp the 4 locking bolts for the axle before or after you tighten the axle nut. :confused


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On my bike I do. The axle goes into a hole on the one side of the forks. So I toque it first. If you don't the clamping of the block will effect the torque on the axle and the wrench will show more than you have. I torque the axle and then put the clamp on.


Not sure if this is correct, but it's worked for me so far: I tap the axle in, then tighten the two pinch bolts on the non-threaded end. Next, install and torque the axle nut, then torque the two pinch bolts on the axle nut side. My reasoning is, if both sides have the pinch bolts tightened, the axle, hub and spacers won't be tight against each other.