Jan 17, 2001
I'm looking at getting a 300 and wanted some info on either of these. The GG has a version (the e?) that comes with an Ohlins fork. I've read really good things about these forks. Also the GG has a six speed. The TM just looks so cool but I've read some complaints about the Paioli fork. Is the TM availible with a different fork? Anybody actually ridden either of these bikes? Thanks.


Mar 19, 2001
300 tm

300 e
I have a 1999 TM 300E the bike is awesome, quality of bike is incredible.
The power is really good, the handling is great. I lowered the triple clamps on the forks 5mm for tight woods. No problems at all with the bike. I rode a
friends RMX last week seemed to have to rev it all the time to keep it up in the power, seemed looser in the handling. The bike feels not as nervous
as the RMX and lighter. I took the lighting coil off didn't like the way it
revved, put the fly wheel back on loved the way it was smoother, less clutch.
Best bike I've ever owned. Can't go wrong for any conditions you ride in. I HAVE THE 46mm rsu blue steel forks and they are as goob as it gets.THE shock is a ohlins .THE BEST.:p
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