shawn sharp

May 14, 2001

I have a 2001 GG xc 250. The other day I was pretend riding in the basement and compressed the front fork when lo and behold I harkend what sounded like my springs making noise! I dare not venture into those tubes due to my extreme ignorance. It doesn't sound like something is broken but I don't know. It just sounds like the springs binding and possibly slapping lightly the sides of the tubes or something else. I don't know if I have ever heard the sound before that is why I am concerned. Am I paranoid or what? Do I need a suspension surgeon? Please help, I know you guys (and gals) have given me some great advice in the past. Race in two weeks, AHHHHHHH!!!!


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Feb 15, 2000
No worries mate. When a spring compresses it bows out in the middle, the noise you're hearing is the bowed part hitting the inside of the fork tube.

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