Jan 22, 2001
My ride is a 95 klx 250 with the stock carb. Problem is bike was back firing and would not idle. A friend of mine pulled the carb and cleaned it out with a air hose put new plug in it and stuck it back on. Upon starting it up for the first time back on it started good sounded good no backfire. But had gas comming out in a steady stream from the black over flow hose comming out of the bottom of the float bowl. Wondering what could be causing this and a possible remedy. Thanks for any replys.


Aug 22, 2000
The floats are stuck, or there's a piece of crud between the needle and seat (this is what opens and closes as the floats go up and down).

I have a feeling the idle problem and the fuel problem may be from the same cause. You'll have to remove the bowl and check the needle and seat carefully for gunk and/or wear. If they're worn, you'll have to replace them.

If the needle and seat look okay, check the floats - sometimes they'll get holes in them and fill with fuel - then they sink!

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