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Dec 3, 2000
It appears that different manufacturers use different needle designations for the Keihin PWK carburetors. I have a GasGas 300XC with an N1ED needle and am thinking of trying an N1EC needle to richen up the 0 to 1/4 throttle operation. Does anyone know where or how to cross reference these needle designations to other needle designations?

Eric K
'01 GasGas 300XC


Dec 6, 1999
I dropped my slide and bent my needle (N1EC). I installed a N0ZH from my leftover KTM stuff because I had a race the next day. It seemed to work but was a little lean in some places. You could try a N0ZG; but why not go with the N1EC? Either one should be just as easy to get. I went back with the N1EC because I think it has a smoother power transition.
For enrichening 0-1/4 throttle, you could try one size bigger pilot jet.


Mar 4, 2000

The needles that come in the G-G are rated differently than the standard Kehien needles. As it seems you may know, the last letter signifies the straight portion diameter. C= 2.67 The "1E" part is 1/2 clip different than am "0Z", but to be honest I forgot if its richer or leaner. These also describe the taper, which is a triple taper needle. If you want to go to a different type of Kehien needle, try a 1467 series needle. You can adjust the clip range by going with a "N", "J" at the end of the numbers. Sudco makes a chart that describes the normal needle numbers (1367, 1467 etc.)and it also has a cross reference to its other designations, such as "DEG", which would be the same as a 1467. But the last I looked, it did not list the new triple taper needles. But if you choose the 14 series needle, you'll have to richen the pilot and/or richen the slide because the initial step on the straight portion starts further down the needle, thus being much leaner on the bottom. Normally, the N1ED needle on other bikes can pull a main jet down in the 160-168 range because of the steep taper of the needle, but it seems the G-G will pull a richer main jet, so if you do go to a 14 series needle, you may not have to change the main. You can also get the "N" series needles from either Suzuki or from Kawasaki. I know the 97 RM250 ran a N1ED needle standard, so they should list the richer and leaner ones as well. Hope this helps.
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