Got the WR-250 and you need what ?


Feb 24, 2001
Just got an email from Gary (sales) at Thumper racing and they are going to have the review in the June Dirt Bike of.....

280/290 kits they have been developing.......

so for all that thought that it might not be able to be done........Thumper did it!.....(now if we can just get em to put a happy button it......) He said it pulls the spread of power lower without loosing any up mid to top...... here is a clip from the message he sends out on his mailing list.

""the 250 in stock form is a good bike but the power is all at the upper end this works good for alot of riders but many of you like us like bottom end and mid range.with these kits we were able to get the bottom power and still rev to the moon!!all of the riders that have tested the bike liked it better than the stock motor""

Fun Fun Fun..... :cool:

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