Gunk around pipe and the "Q"


hey guys,
i just got a 03 cr85 and everytime i come back from a ride, there is this black sticky gunk around the outside (exit) of the stock silencer. what is that and what is causing it to do that??? Also, i ride around areas where people vaction in their cabins. I think my bike may be too loud so im thinking of getting an FMF "Q". Is that the best silencer out there for performance and noise reduction? thanks
its oil

2 strokes spit little bits of oil out but it should be caught in the packing right??

my friend had a problem where the muffler wasnt quite attached to the pipe. oil all over the tire, chain and part of the frame of his kx85.

not pretty (litterly you get that black stuff all over YUCK i dont think it affected performance much though besides the fact that the muffler wasnt attached well)


Buy the Q, if you can afford it run race gas(burns more completely and makes jetting easier), and jet the bike properly. Some "spooge" is normal.