Sep 10, 2000
The last time I was at the track, I decided to really focus on weighting the outside peg and getting my weight on the front wheel.Now after a bit, I really felt like I was speeding up, going around the corners so very close to washing out, but never washing out. I noticed that the front tire was really flingin dirt. It's almost like having a front tire skid, but more controlled. Now, I figured there might be dirt building up in front of the front tire and that that might slow me down. Should I try to turn like this, or avoid having the front slide or skid at all?


Jan 5, 2001
You may have a worn tire or one made for a different type of terrain. I notice when i let off the power on thru mud and i get back on it mud will fling up off my tire. So now i just say ohh well and power on thru. Anyways, try to use power and get a little more wheelspin which can actually improve grip if you have slick muddy tires.

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