Jul 20, 2000
All you KDX experts out there, I have a problem! I want to replace the factory brushguards with a real set (Acerbis Ralley guards). I need to replace the mounting bolt that came with the stock set up and my dealer is no help at all, says no one has ever changed them over !!
Anyway-does anyone know the right part number for the bolt that holds the levers on ??
Any help would be great.
Thanks:) :) :) :)

Canadian Dave

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Apr 28, 1999
I just left the pivot bolts in place, I've never seen anyone change them either. If you wanted to chenge them I'd expect there would be a pair of KX bolts that would work, certainly on the break side anyway. Do you know anyone with a KX that would let you try theirs?



Oct 20, 2000
I just did the same thing.The brake side from a 2001 kx250 works,but is a tad long.The price is another story!! $7.00 ,for the brake side.I bought the clutch side bolt($3.00),but it doesn't fit.Ended up using one from another perch I had laying around.


Oct 14, 2000
I know exactly what you are speaking of. After taking off the flimsy plastic handguards and replacing with a set of FRP barkbuster-handguards, the lever bolts stick up above the lever about an inch or so, very scary and perfect for shearing off a nice strip of forearm flesh the first time you head over the bars. I stumped the parts guy at my local Kawasaki dealership with this so this is what we came up with:

We dug through a box of odd bolts and the brake lever bolt we replaced with one from a KX 125 (I think). We couldn't find an out of the box replacement for the clutch lever pivot, so we just cut the top of the original one down and grinded off the sharp edges. This fix would obviously work for both sides.

Take the stock pivot bolts in and explain the situation, they probably have some strays on the shelf.

I haven't had any problems with them since I replaced them and they are much safer.

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Sep 14, 2000
I changed mine. your dealer should be able to match them up. If he was any good he could go to his parts bins and find one that matches. I'll be in work on Tuesday. I'll check to see if I can come up with p/n's for you.

Bigfoot16, If you paid $7.00 for a bolt you didn't get a bolt you got screwed. I know Kawi parts are high but it sounds like your dealer is doing a little marking up on his prices.
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