Handlebar mounts poppin' out?

Fred T

Mi. Trail Riders
Mar 23, 2001
I went riding this weekend doing some work for the Lansing MC sweep riding the Jack Pine A-Loop and noticed that my handle bars appeared bent or maybe the mounts looked bent. I really only tipped over once so I couldn't understand how the bars would bend (Tag X-5's) then later as I was riding this knarly tight trail I bumped a tree pretty good with the bark buster and noticed that my bars were straight again. Apparently the mounts come out of position? I tried straightening the mounts as I worked at the check point but it didn't move and then...bam when I bumped that tree they went right back in place. Has this happened to anyone else? Any solutions?
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Bill Hibbs

Aug 25, 1999
This is a fairly common thing on the KDX. The best way to prevent it is to buy a solid top clamp for the Handlebars. It keeps the bars from twisting in the mounts. There's a couple manufactures of these. I got mine from Freddette. It was around $30.00.


Grand Data Poohbah
Apr 30, 2000
Yep, this happened to me on my first ride. Tried to climb a hill I wasn't ready for and looped it. Same thing, I thought, how did I bend my Renthals. Then my buddy grabbed the bars and tweaked them back.

I thought about replacing them, but then again, thought that perhaps this little bit of give is a good thing, I can just pull up to a tree and whack the front wheel to straigthen it.

They only get whacked out of line when I really dump it.

Kind of like not clamping down your levers so tight they pop off when you crash.



Dec 29, 2000
Happened to me......

I don't understand why they made those kind of handle bar clamps. They have little rubber bushings inside of them, and if they get wore out. They move around. The best thing to do, is goto a local shop, and order some bushings and replace them all. Or you can try putting duct tape around the bushing and retightening the clamps. I went out and bought a whole new clamp and new bushings for both the clamps. Hasn't moved since. So I guess you should go and buy some bushings. I got a new clamp cause' the tread on the bottom where the bolt screws onto was stripped. You can elimnate this problem if you buy the pro tapper triple clamp and bars. I'm going to do that soon. Just need the $$. Later.
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