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Oct 23, 2000
Hey all, I've been looking at different bars for my bike. How many run aftermarket bars and if so, which bend/brand? I can get Tag at an excellent price so I'm leaning that way . . .

Specifically, I'm interested in anyone's thoughts who has tried mini bike bars. Many of us narrow our bars and after seeing a picture of myself riding, I think I know now why I feel so uncomfortable on the bike. I didn't realize my arms were out that far! (the pic in question is on Bbbom's picture page in the NWSF folder)

I was looking at Tag handlebars and they have a couple different mini bike bends. They measure about 2" narrower than the full size bars and come in different heights/sweeps. (here's the link to the page with numbers for those who are interested: ) So has anybody tried mini bars? If so, likes and dislikes? Am I better off just chopping off the ends of mine? (the perches and things are already kinda cramped so we can't take a whole lot off) I'm leaning towards the Tags, and still trying to figure out which bar is right for me.


Apr 18, 2001
FIRECRACKER... I run Tag T2's and love them! They are also the CR hi bend. For a while I ran Pro Tapers and just decided to try something new. I've layed my bike over numerous times and havent had a single bend in them yet. I am completely satisfied with the T2's. I also cut 1 inch off of each side and that made me feel alot more comfortable as well! I think you'll love the bars! Let me know what you decide on!


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Dec 26, 1999
Before you go and chop up good bars maybe try a set of mini bars. We just found Renthal mini racer bars for $20 on the fay myers closeout page. Limited supply and they are purple but as spares in a pinch can't beat the price. Ordered 2 pairs to throw in as spares for those emergency raceday repairs.

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Mar 30, 2001
I like the Honda Hi Bend bars. I am quite tall at 5'9 and so I had my husband raise the bars up one inch, too. He did this by putting aluminum spacers under the handlebars. I'm lucky enough to have a machinst for a husband, so he can make just about anything I need for my bike. He did this to both my 200 Exc KTM and my 200 EC GasGas. It is much more comfortable for me to ride while standing up on the pegs.

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Apr 3, 2000
'Just put some Renthal Mini Hi-Bends on my DR200. Made a HUGE difference when we went for a trial run last night on the local trails. Finally, I could get some leverage in the corners. The other bars had been too wide and too low for me. BIG difference!
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