Thumb Joint Pain Recurring Never Seems To Heal


Mar 8, 2015
Six months ago I was doing an 3 hour enduro race rested my left hand after a rock garden and hit a rock I didn't see in a shadow, that turned the bars into my thumb. I came off it hurt I got up and continued to ride. But my thumb had been jammed back into itself, so the pain came from where my thumb joins to my hand. I guess it was a bit swelled I can't exactly recall. Lets say that it only hurt when I was on the bike, as the handle bar jams into your thumb, for a day or two after. What the heck it is a sprain felt fine after a day or two so don't think anything more of it it will fix itself. You sprain your ankle and it heals in time, sometimes months for full recovery though.

I have no other activity where it is a problem, but get back on a bike, and it seems to re-occur.
On a motocross track doing a few laps I have no issues.
Go on an enduro ride perhaps a month after and I have some re-occurring pain on hard jolt push from handlebar, well that seems normal it seems like it needs more time to heal, but months?
Transition another month or two I was doing a ride did a large log jump came over the other side of it stalling, and whatever healing felt like may have been done was put back a couple of months, and it starts hurting 50% like it did the first time.
Apart from this I go riding it hurts but as long as I don't do bad log jumps and carry momentum through I'm ok.

So around 6 months has passed.
A few days ago I did a three hour enduro, Had no issue the first hour lets say, mainly high speed not too much technical laps, but as time went on holding the bars continued to get harder and harder to do. to the point at the end I was in continual pain on sections where the bars are jolting all around the place and constantly telling myself to stop at the 2 hour mark on. There does not appear to be any swelling at all.

I am thinking why is this taking SO LONG TO HEAL properly???

I figure from the below web address I have some level of ligament damage, but I don't think it can be believe it to be severe enough as I have complete movement, plenty of gripping ability, it just hurts when continual under stress, or recurrance that it becomes an issue. I am writing this a few days later after the race, I can feel it a little, put me on a bike doing another hour of jolting and it will hurt again..

WHAT I AM ASKING - IS WHETHER ANYBODY HAS GONE THROUGH THIS that can shed some light as to whether this is something that get better or will it go away in time.......

Can you ride with a thumb splint?

I am 39yrs 100kg recreational rider.

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Jul 29, 2000
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Mar 8, 2015
Just to report back that two years later it is all forgotten, not even thought about till I came across my own post. On a bike you go from one injury to the next!!!!!!
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