Oct 17, 2000
After reading every piece of info I could get my hands on this cold long winter in upstate NY I came up with the combo that works for me. The pipe was a easy choice my 220 came with an FMF torque pipe. Deciding I needed a carb bore I went with Fredette after reading string after string of RB jetting suggestions, Jeff said it would work and it did. I also went with a RAD valve, if I was riding it on the dyno I am sure I could get a couple of more HP with something else but I ride in the woods, again it works! Ported the cylinder myself, had Jeff do the head mod and installed his handlebar brace. Rental bars, pro action suspension (Bart Lucas Warp Drive) and away I go. Pulls off the bottom and revs like a flat tracker, the thing RIPS!

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