Heh this is to Afganistan and bin landen


Jul 11, 2001
Some of those nations rushing to kiss America's rear are responsible for a good deal of the problem, like Moammar ("Don't bomb me again") Gadhafi. Still, the fact that they feel the need to make friendsies says something about how serious they believe the U.S. is, this time.

Still, I hope we don't focus too closely on Bin Laden alone; there are many bands of these fanatical maniacs out there, knowingly aided and abetted by many nations. They all must face the music now. I hope we can retain the resolve to get the job done; otherwise, I expect these monsters to attempt the detonation of a briefcase nuclear weapon in one of our major cities someday soon. Let's take care of them now, before hundreds of thousands have to die. This is not about revenge; it's about self-preservation.
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