Help! Should I buy KDX 220 - modified?


Jul 15, 2001
Where I ride: 50/50 mx track and jeep roads/mountain trails.
I need your help/input. I really want to buy a new/first bike this week but need a little push to get me there. Read on and tell me what you think. Thanks!!!

Who I am: New rider but aggressive and learning fast. Like to jump and hammer on technical stuff on the trails and act like a racer on the track. I'm sitting at about 165 lbs, lean. Also downhill mountain bike.

What I'd like: the best of both worlds -- a trail bike that feels almost like an mx racer when I'm trying to keep up with my mx buddies on the track or an mx bike that feels like a trail bike when I'm trying to keep up with my trail riding buddies.

Too much to ask?

I went in to look at the KLX 300 but there is a new '00 KDX 220 upgraded with a new pipe/sa and KX forks at my local shop. Should I go for it? I've heard changing the pipe is recommended by most but what about switching out the forks to the KX version?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


May 17, 2000
I have owened 2 KDX's and have now went to a 2001 CR250. I was wandering who did the mods to the kdx. They are as reliable a bike you could ever want, but make sure it was done right. I am about 25 lbs heavier than you, and when I owned my KDX I thought it was more than enough in the motor department. Then I got my CR. Not even close. Every where you look someone is saying how little low end a 2001 CR250 has, it might not have alot compared to the other 250's but it has tons more than a KDX. MY riding buddy has Fredettes 2000 ISDE bike. It is night and day better than a stock KDX. The bike is fully modified, and is stone reliable. Two days ago he rode my bike for the first time, and the first thing he said was, I am getting me one of these. That means nothing. Fredette can go as fast or faster than anyone on the planet on a KDX. Rambling on HUH. I guess buy what you can afford,
and buy according to condition not image or fancy foofoo stuff on the bike. Because I can tell you always working on a bike sucks. But what ever you do dont buy the KLX300.


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May 20, 2001
the KDX of course!

I bought a new, 01 220r about four months ago. I have been riding all my life. mini bikes, 90's ( that dates me:D ) all the way up to a husky 400. the 220R was my first new bike. now to the point. The bike handles like a dream. I did, however, put a gnarly rev pipe on it, as per the suggestive input from here, and it did unleash more power. I love this machine. It is THE BEST of both worlds. I would go for it, so long as they dont gig ya on the price. I got mine new for 4100
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