Help us plan our cross country moab/colorodo Trip


Dec 24, 2002
Me and my wife would like to get away in the spring.We are just starting to look into it.We will be leaving from conneticut and are final destination will be moab.We would like to stay for 4 or 5 days in moab with maybe a stop on the way out for a couple days riding then a stop on the way back for a coule days rest.

We will pull the bikes (GG xc200 kx100)out with the jeep.I would like to do a little exploring out thier with the jeep but mostlly with the bikes.(I dont want to beat on the jeep and be replacing axels ect.)We would keep the jeep rides to very mellow trails.

We are looking for suggestions on places to stay ect in moab.
What we are looking for:
I will stay anywere
I would like offroad freindlly place (I dont know the attitude out their but around here the mountainbikers and hikers can be quite rude)
I would like the trail head to be within a reosnable riding distance from were we stay(how is the law out thier on bikes on the street i.e. vermont plated with headlight and tailight.)
I would like to be able to park the bikes at night and not have to worry about them.

My wife:
She would like a nice palce to stay Ranch ,lodge, Bed and breakfast ect. she mentioned the word spa

She would like to spend some of the time doing other things Horseback riding rafting ect

We both agreed tht we could maybe spend our time in moab in a nice cabin at one of the camgrounds I have seen on the net and then spend a few days on the way home at a nice place with a pool spa hottub to rest up for the trip Home.But I think she would really like to stay some place that has everything she is looking for(resteraunt spa ect.)

Also looking for advice on when to go.March/April /may
We were thinking early may

I think we would like to avoid the easter week jeep safari.Though I would love to be part of that we would like a little quiter time.

Any suggestion would be graet.We would also consider more time in moab and less on the road trip

I would like to make my reservations as soon as possible before my wife changes her mmind and decides she wants to go to some island with nothing to do but sit on the sand.

We will talk bike setup in a later thread

Thanks a bunch

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