Help !! What's wrong with my bike

Oct 13, 2017
Hello I've recently bought a cr125 , I was on it and it seemed abit flat and then I changed the spark plug it went like a bad out of hell for about 15 mins then it stopped when I was going really slow went to start it and it wouldn't start on the kick only backfired after about 10 . It bump started and I ride home however now it won't kick start it only backfires after a few kicks ? It will start on a bump to make sure the fire triangle is there !

I was talking of the head to see if the rings had gone while there I was training the coolant to my surprise nothing came out ,out a drop in and it leaked out a small hole under the casing behind the water pump turbine it couldn't have mixed with the oil ?

Ino I'll need a water pump seal and bearing but what else will I need to set this bike right ?
- a d v e r t i s e m e n t -

Jul 27, 1999
You'd be well served to check all the basics. Pull and measure the cylinder, check the rod and crank for wear, measure the piston and rings, check the reeds etc. With a used bike it's best to assume everything is worn out until you measure and prove otherwise.