May 17, 2007
Hi, I just picked up a RM-Z 250 2004 recently I've rode it only about two times, I was just wondering something the bike runs great but how often should I change the oil? the guy who had it before said he changed it before he put it away for the winter.

But I rode the bike it ran great, but whenever I pulled in the clutch in first gear the bike seems to rev very high after I come down from the other gears. like right when i pull it in in first, the bike has a pro circuit t pipe and a pro circuit water pump cover

one more thing to add what else should i maintenance with my new bike? just give me all the hints and tips, i usually wash it after every ride.. also clean it with wd40 etc. I'm having trouble letting the clutch out so if anyone could give me a few tips on that also.. I end up usually stalling it unless I'm starting on a slight hill.


Jan 27, 2000
Change your oil often. At least every two rides. Your bike doesn't hold very much oil so it has to be changed often.

Check your valve clearance often. The valves will close up and make the bike hard to start. If you run it that way it will burn your valves.

Clean and oil your air filter after every ride or couple rides depending on the length of your rides and the amount of dust in your area.

These bikes are MX bikes. They have a very tall first gear. If you are riding it on tight single track trails, you may want to get a larger rear sprocket to lower the overall gearing. This will make it easier to start out in first gear.

The rest is simple maintainance that can be found in the manual.

If you don't already have a service manual for your bike, it would be in your best interest to buy one and read it cover to cover. Then, read it again.

Just my $ .02
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