Hi-Point riding pants--how much??????

Sep 22, 2000
I was cleaning out the atic and found a pair of hi-point riding leathers.They are yellow with a thick white leather on the side trimed in black,also has the Hi-Point patch on the left side.They are in great shape.I bought them new in 1978.Any of you vintage guys have any idea what they are worth? I also found my duck bill visor with an original penton sportcyle sticker on it.If anyone interested they are waist size 36.I'll ship them free.


Dec 4, 2000
Old Timer. I really don't know what they are worth, but I also doubt if my vintage rear end will fit into a size 36 any more.

If no one here jumps at them with a reasonable offer, post it on one of the internet auction sites with a minimum reserve bid. You have nothing to loose.

Thanks again for the offer.
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