Nov 2, 1999
I am looking at 99 KTM200. Does anyone know of any particular problems associated with this model? It sounds like a great bike online and in the mags. Are parts like suspension bearings, piston or gaskets tough to find in the aftermarket? How about softer or taller seat foam? The owner is asking $3500 and it is a long ride so I want to get a head start before I go see it.



Sep 1, 2000
If it has the stock wheel bushings then you will have to replace those soon. If it has the WERKS ones that are gold those are good. The seats are hard but you can get softer foam. We were told that the clutch springs on the 99's need to be replaced but that is only about $8.00. Put the bike up on a stand and make sure the rear suspension is still tight. Other than that it is a good bike. We sold our 99 for $3500.00.


Mar 6, 2000
oops, sorry, the link doesnt work for some reason. Anyway, check out the "tips on wheel bearings" thread currently on page two of this KTM/ EuroBike Forum.


Apr 11, 2000
special teflon bearing

The Heim Joint (Bearing) is available aftermarket and is made by a company called INA, http://www.ina.com/

The specs can be found on my website:
http://home.intekom.com/screamer/GE 16 PWRadial spherical plain bearings.doc

They make the OEM for KTM and they also make a Steel/Bronze version but that will require you to drill & tap a small hole in the swingarm bearing housing to install a grease nipple/zerk.

I know people have been able to buy them in the states at a significantly lower cost. The seals are freely available from most places as they are a standard size.


Aug 22, 2000
If you can, take off the ignition cover and feel for play in the crank. My main bearing siezed soon after i got my '98, and was a very costly affair. Take a look at the filter, as its easy to get too. Check out the bottom of the fork legs. If they are really dinged up, then the bike has seen hard miles. If the chain looks pretty tight, then the wheel bearings/spacers are probably shot. The ktm needs more freeplay in the chain than jap bikes, and a too tight chain wears away at the rear spacers. The head-pipe on the 200 leaks pretty easily, so check that out also. If the bike is in good mechanical shape, then 3500 is a fair price. I got my '98 in Jan. of 2000, and paid 3k for it, but it had plenty of rough miles on it. Good luck, and good choice on bike and year.
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