How long do you keep your dirt bikes?


Sep 2, 2003
I am somewhat new to dirt biking and I was just wondering how long some of you non-racers keep dirt bikes? It seems a lot of the MX'ers are always looking for the next best thing or latest greatest technology but what about you weekend warrior trailriders? Have you found that most bikes seem to be pretty reliable in the long run? Can you still find parts for a 1981 PE-250 or a late 70's IT-490? If I buy and older bike can I still find parts for them?

The reason I ask is I have a 250 2-stroke and I love the power but it can be a beast on tight trails especially ones with steep hills. I've been thinking of buying an older bike and turning it into a dedicated trail machine. Most of the bikes I'm seeing are in the $500-800 range so I'm sure they need some work.

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Originally posted by bord
If I buy and older bike can I still find parts for them?

Yes...................and no.
Confusing? Yea, and it gets worse.
It depends a lot on the make and MODEL of bike in question.
I've got an '82 Honda XL500R that just had it's engine rebuilt about 2 1/2 years ago. No problem -w- finding parts.
Plastic, bushings and bearings (just did the pro-link linkage too!), air filter, heck i can even get me a brand new seat through my friendly neighborhood Honda dealer. For now anyways.

Then again ive got a '79 Yamaha YZ400 that's d.o.a.. :(
Only 3 years older than the Honda and cant get pistons cant get rings or rod kits..... Still a few odd parts in the system, but thats about it.

In general Honda keeps parts available for older bikes longer than the green yellow and blue bikes.
( i still hate thinking of Yammy's bein BLUE..... :eek: )
And MotoX bike parts are usually the first to go obsolete.
If it's a model that they made a gazzilion of, then there will probably be parts available for a long time.
(Honda Z50's for example.)

In short, if ya see an oldie but goodie that ya really got the hots for, call your local dealer and test the waters on it first.
Ask about piston kits, plastic, etc.
If it looks like it's gonna be a pain in the @$$ to get goodies for it.....pass it by.
If not, go for it!! :)
Keep them old wheels turnin!! :aj:

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