How many miles on an RFS?

Max Factor

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Oct 18, 2000
Does anybody have any idea on how many miles they've put on their RFS?

I'm looking at a buying a pretty reasonable deal on a 520 EXC that has 2800 kms (1750 mi) on it.

Aside from all of the indicators of a bikes condition that can be gauged externally, I'm a little concerned as to the motor / gearbox life span.

Is 1750 mi a lot for these motors? Do they require any significant work at or near this point of their life? (assuming it's had regular oil / filter changes)
The bike has been dual sported therefore the seemingly high miles. Any suggestions on ways to check its condition or concerns I should have?
Jul 4, 2000
I have had my E/XC since OCT. of 2000. It now has 3900 miles on it.These are all dirt miles no road.I have done normal maint. on it and that is all.The motors and trannys are bullet proof. I would say almost as equal to a Honda XR.


Jul 21, 1999
I've got about 1000 dirt miles on my 01 400E so far. I should add it up as I've been keeping track. Anyway, I don't think that's high miles at all for the 520 and I wouldn't think you'd be looking at any major work at that point in it's life. I don't plan on doing a topend on mine until it's 2 years old at the soonest.

Jul 22, 2000
i have 1200 miles on mine and aside from oil changes and valve adjust no real issues with the motor. the clutch had slippage after a particularly heavy ride but was fixed without having to replace any parts. these bikes do appear to be fairly bulletproof but only if properly looked after.

the main issue is how the bike you are buying was maintained. my buddy bought a used 520 that supposedly had only a "few hundred" miles and he has had endless problems. all due to what was obviously lack of maintenance. he's already into the bike for well over a grand fixing stuff that wouldn't have gone wrong had the bike been well maintained. (blown rear hub, various seals, bits falling off etc.) interestingly enough he bought it from a guy in your area and had it shipped out here!

unless you are totally positive of the bikes mechanical condition and history be careful.
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Jan 18, 2001
I've got 2500 to 3000 miles on my Y2K 520 EX/C with no problems. Oil changes, valve adjustments, chains, tires, wheel bearings - all the usual stuff. My bike was also Dual Sported day one but most of the miles are HARD, ROCKY Pennsylvania trails. ( I wore out a carbon fiber bash plate within the first year- thanks to all the big PA rocks).

I keep my bike in good mechanical condition. That cost money. Got to PAY to PLAY as they say. If your getting a good price on the bike then don't worry about it. Get it, RIDE it, and go over it BEFORE time and money allows. If you wait till it's broke it's too late.

I thrash by bike pretty hard. Can't believe nothing broke. Bent a few things, and a few things fell off. Melted a thing or two, but NOTHING broke.

Get the 520 - YOU WILL LOVE IT.

Max Factor

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Oct 18, 2000
Thanks for the input guys. It's pretty re-assuring to know miles (assuming correct maintenance) aren't shaping up to be an issue on the RFS range.
The bike I was interested in sold within 8 hours of being advertised. Just shows how popular they are!
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