Aug 22, 2000
I have been riding all my life. Yesterday my buddies and I went up to Drexel, MO. It seemed like everyone had fell atleast once. I hit a downhill double that I had hit atleast twenty times. Third gear wide. Bike went vertical, didnt even think about the back brake. Came down with the back wheel first. Slammed the front down, went off track into some brush that I couldnt see what was underneath. All the sudden Im flipping face first over the bars. Bike lands on me. Then I flip again and the damn thing lands on me again. MAN DID IT HURT. I thought I broke my back. But didnt. Cant even sit up on my own now. Just want to know how to prevent the back tire from hitting the ground first like that? Do I need to position myself differently? I have yet to learn to use the back brake, think thats my problem? I hate going vertical like that. Maybe suspension?


Apr 20, 2000
Good to hear you weren't injured too badly. I have done this many a times, and man is it frustrating!! What I have found to prevent the loop out is standing in the attack position (weighted pegs, leaning forward)all the way through the jump. For me this guarantees that the front end will not creep up, because I have weight forward. Remember to balance the bike in the air and spot your landing. I'm no professional but I hope this helps.


Oct 3, 2000
Are you supposed to land front end slightly before the back, both ends even, or back slighly before front end on a jump? I think the first way is the best way, well the softest landing. When I land back end first the forks in the front like hit really hard, I guess it is the the force of the forks trying to go outward when you land.


May 24, 2000
since i dont have a bike currently (you wanna support the "get tyler a bike fund??) i have been watching a lot of 1999 supercross on tape. i have been watching technique and i noticed that they all seem to, after they get in the air, set stiff, and just push their bodies foward. it might be some hidden movement, but i think that tapping the back brake is the best ticket. good luck!

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Aug 6, 2000
The brake tap works to a degree but I think body position is more important, just stay nuetral on the takeoff and make sure you hit the face without accelleration. I ride a thumper so I hold a little extra gas on takeoff to offset the compression braking, but on a 2 stroke you can even take off with gas-off. There is a long double at a track where I ride and I watch the pro's and experts, they have accellerate hard all the way to the base of the jump then gas off all the way up the face. But you want to make sure that your stance is not too far forward or you'll go way nose low. Trial and error is the main key but start with small lift-offs when you experiment...



Jul 21, 2000
It is mostly feel and only time will develop this technique for you. For now get a small jump that you feel comfortable on and learn to hit your rear brake in the air, make sure to pull in your clutch though. Good luck and be carefull!


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Aug 2, 2000
Excellent advice on pulling in the clutch MX221! My brother tried the brake tap without pulling in the clutch. BAD MOVE!!!! Killed the motor, caused a seroiusly bad landing, loading the suspension and sending him into a pond. The only things left above water were his head and shoulders and the back wheel with his arm through it! Guess that's why we call him Aquaman (not his only water landing!) :p

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Aug 24, 1999
try hitting that same jump in 4th the lower rpms wont cause the sudden snap in power and the bike will fly alot more level when you,re in third the power hit can be a little too snappy sometimes so try to use higher gears (lower rpms) but the same speed and just work up to hitting those jumps in the real meaty part of the powerband but not till the rear brake thing is an automatic reaction to the high front end. till then just stick with the higher gears and lower rpms....OT

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Aug 31, 2000
Going down slope double don't need height to clear the jump.
You can use higher gear like 3rd or 4th, hit at the ramp hard in attack positon, neutral position.
As you launch off the ramp, compress and jump foward with the bike with your throttle shut.(thumper need to gas a bit longer)
shutting of gas shall make the bike fly in a nice arc angle with the nose touch down first.
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May 5, 2000
I've tried this no throttle jumping but seem to almost endo every time. I haven't been pulling the clutch though. If you don't use the clutch should you stay on the throttle?


Nov 14, 1999
I've found that it's a lot easier to get the front end up if the nose dives than to push the nose down if it skys. Good tips on the previous posts such as tapping your brake, proper body positioning, and pushing away.

Don't overlook your suspension settings, too little rebound damping in the front and too much in the rear can cause the rear to sag while the nose hops up.

I hate those kinds of landings and try to always ride with my head over the bars with weight forward when I hit the jump. Like I said before it's much easier for me to raise the front and I really don't mind front wheel landings anyway, especially with a steering stabilizer.

Good to hear you were'nt too badly damaged.


Nov 6, 2000
I ride mx on my highly modified 86 kdx 200 when i jump i try to lean foward while standing on the bike. accellerate all the way up the face then back off the throttle at the lip to keep the front end from going to high. normaly its easier and safer to pull the front end up then to over push it down and go over the bars

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Sep 22, 2000
I agree with some of the other posts about a higher gear and lower RPM. It has really helped me feel more confident going over the jumps. I feel a lot more in control and it's easier to keep my body in the right positions, without the bike pulling so hard. This might not work for a higher class rider, but I'll stick with it until my confidence and technique improve.

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