Apr 18, 2006
After going through the process of setting sag, adjusting compression & rebound I have come to the conclusion that I need a stronger spring (I am 190 lbs).

My bike is a 1997 WR250, not exactly something you find a lot of after market parts for.

I have been looking around and I see suspension shops that advertise springs. What I don't see is an order form that specifies the make/year/model of bike.

Two questions:
1) How do I establish the parameters of the spring I already have.

2) How do I order a new spring?



May 10, 2007
You should check the static and loaded sag. The static(bike under its own weight) should fall within a certain range once you have the loaded sag set, if it's too high you need a stiffer spring. The spec should be in the service manual.


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Aug 31, 2000
If you've determined that your current spring is insufficient what its rate is doesn't matter too much. You can go here to find out what spring you need: http://www.mx-tech.com/?id=spring_generator

well, nevermind that it doesn't cover your year bike. Just give them a call. A couple of questions, and they can suggest a proper spring for your weight, skill, bike.
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