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Jun 19, 2001
One of my riding buddies has a 99 360 which he has apart at the moment. It boiled, stalled & briefly seized we got it running again, but he has since pulled it down, to find that the piston expanded and squished the rings, luckily there is no damage to the bore.

While it is apart he wants to up the power (must be sick of my bike eating his:p ) he is buying either an FMF or Pro-circut pipe/muffler combo, Delta V-Force reed cage, honing, re-ringing & new piston. All the tolerances are spot on so it is just a freshen up.

I was looking for any advice as to other mod's he might make while it is stripped down - porting, different reed cage, different pipe/muffler, powervalve settings etc.

Thanks for your help :)


Aug 13, 2000
I have a highly modified Husky 360. It is well better than 50HP at the rear wheel. If you would like I will E-mail you the mods. If he does the mods properly he will be very happy.

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