Jun 21, 2001
Im currently riding and have only ever ridden my 94 Husky WR125 and im doing Woods/Trail riding steep hills (tough) Im looking at getting on a 2000 WR360 can anyone advise how different these bikes are to ride than the 125 ? Still revvy ? Powerband ? :confused:


Apr 3, 2000
Wow..."slight" difference. I assume you will be getting this 2000 model Husky WR360 for a good deal? Otherwise I would of-course recommend a less dramatic change, like a 250?

I have a 98'HuskyWR250. The 99' and 00' models are similar with all new engine and slight steering/weight improvements. 2001 was even more drastic in improvements in handling/suspension/weight/bodywork.

The WR360 is completely opposite in just about every category to the Husky 125. The incredible power starts out "loooow" and won't rev nearly as high as the 125. There will be few occasions where the 360 will need clutch work, especially if you drop to a 13/52 gear ratio. The size and weight will also be different-as well as the gyro affect from the larger bore, and because the husky trait is "stability" it'll take even more umph to get her to turn.incredible

The 360 is more of a "serious" bike, as compared to the moutain-bike-with-an-engine 125. The 360 will demand a whole lot more from you, so you better eat your wheaties.:)



Sep 14, 2006
i think the wr is simular to the wxc360
which is what i have id go for the 250 the 360 dosent have much top end enless you screw with it like crazy its got a crapload of tourqe down low it will just about idle in first with my 240 lb ass on it and will climb anything pretty much its a xr500 with a dirrerent power band but yea has no top end but solid bottom and mid so it feals kind of like a badd ass 4 stroke that likes to peel out alot the 250 should be easier to get parts for too
its a crap shoot geting parts for the 360 im geting parts from illonioise ohio oregon pensulvaina california.....yea gotta look around alot either way


Sep 18, 2006
As has already been posted the difference between a 125 and a 360 is huge. I agree that the 360 doesn't rev as high as the 125 but its got lots of top end. With stock 15/48 gearing and a 6 speed gear box you can go hospital fast on a WR360. The engine loves to work. There is almost nothing you can't climb, it has so much torque if you bobble just roll out of the throttle, correct and carry on, with a 250 you go back to the bottom and start over.

Having said all of that if you can get your hands on a 2006 WR250 they are a beautiful bike with lots of yank. Around here they were selling them cheap-the best value in off road currently IMO.


Jan 3, 2007
wr 360 purchase 2002

Have ridden K350, CR250,cz 250, WR 250's and 2 H 400's with Malcolm Smith case and head mods, ten enduros, haven't ridden a dirt bike for 15 years,
Have found a WR360 for $1900, some cosmetic damage, have seen the threads on case issues and starting difficulties, anything else I should look for. The bike will be ridden and kept in Mexico, Mikes Sky Ranch, etc. The rides will not be as hard as the bike is built for. thanks for any any input, I am supposed to pick it up in 2 weeks, or should I shine this and find a 250?


Sep 13, 2006
Well -- I can tell you the 360 is, and logically so -- far more powerful than the 250. A very good friend recently purchased a new '06 wr250. The area we ride (Antelope Valley - Gorman) is strewn with a myriad of terrain, including hill climbs, single track, woods, desert - just about everything (a well known off-roaders mecca) imaginable. After swapping machines for about an hour, he was impressed and disappointed at the same time. Impressed with the overall superiority of the 360. Disappointed, because he couldn't convince me to trade him - even offering me his bike with an additional $500.
There just isn't ANY conceivable situation where his bike excelled - period. Now, my machine, an '02 has several, what I feel - are improvements. Noteably - I installed the decompression cylinder head which results in starting being a pleasure instead of a laborious chore (yes, it's FAR easier to start than the 250 too). Also, I fitted a 10 oz. Steahly flywheel along with Boyesen reeds, a FMF 'gnarly' pipe with turbine core II silencer which I'm currently in the process of evaluating vs the factory 'SPES' pipe and finally vs.the 'Dyno Port' down the line. Outfitted this way, the bike was SO throttle sensitive, that I installed a G2 throttle cam set up (what a joy). The machine just simply does everything asked of it without a whimper. The flywheel allows rock crawling at a snails pace without fear of stalling on some insane precipice, and even then - If for some reason it may stall, kicking it is easier than my sons CR 125.
I've also outfitted the machine with a teriffic 'Baja Designs' headlight which is quite literally a nightsun type piece worth every cent since I do quite a bit of night riding. For suspension I've had the forks revalved (a must IMHO) and installed an 'Ohlins' shock (pricey but peerless). There's other improvements, mostly ergonomic. I also own a KTM which also, just doesn't compare (will be for sale soon) and an XR650 which is an incredible desert machine albeit more than a modicum porky, though fabulous in any case. In my opinion, and considering that '02 was the final year for green sticker legality on open 2 strokes in California. There's simply NO other machine aside from a Service Honda 500 (which I'm eyeing) that provides the power, handling and overall entertainment of the WR360. Shame they're no longer being produced as I'd purchase a new one each and every year.

As far as replacement parts are concerned..I've never had an issue obtaining everything I've ever needed.. Raymond at Halls is wonderfully knowledgeable and Halls is a top notch outfit. So -- If you can locate a decent example, I wouldn't hesitate.

Kindest Regards
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