Jul 31, 2000
....woohoo, I got me a new(to me) pumpkin!! It's a 99SX250.
It has a big acerbis tank on it and came with a 12 oz flywheel weight (not mounted) and a bunch of other stuff. I rode it for 1 1/2 hours yesterday on the trails and tracks and loved it (of course). Quite a difference coming of an XR4. It will take me some time to get used to it. It's been some time that I rode 2-strokes.
Now I need a source to order parts. I need a front fender and shrouds(I screwed up the plastic by kissing a tree a little too hard), and what's more, I need a crank shaft seal. After riding yesterday I noticed that the clutch got pretty grabby and so I figured that I must be loosing oil, well I found a faulty seal.
Any good resources??? Any advice??? Oil recommendations??
I will be checking e-rider out next to see what they have that I want;)


Mar 19, 2001
Congrats on the KTM, you'll love it. I just got my 02 200EXC last night.

For OEM parts try Funmart Cycle. The have a web page funmartcycle.com with the 800 number listed. The owner Tim races all the District 17 enduros. They stock alot of parts but sell everything at retail. If you need something fast they will usually have it.
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