Dec 3, 2000
How can i get lighter clutch pull on my kdx? it give my hand cramps and distracts me. I can't stand up on my bike because i have to use my whole hand to pull in, then i can't hang on.


2005 Lori Nyland Award Winner
Nov 12, 1999
try this stuff......

1. oil the cable.
2. grease the perch.
3. do hand excersises and stretching to improve circulation and strenght.
4. when riding RELAX.
5. last resort get and "easy pull lever or device" they make many models.

not all prove to be the answer though.

those things will work.

if all this above fails buy a 500, sit down, and forget the clutch :)


Sep 15, 2000
Maybe a lighter gear oil for the tranny?? Silkolene 75W Light gear oil comes to mind.....


Oct 9, 2000
The hydro clutch makes the pull HEAVIEr on many bikes. The best and cheapest option is to get a motion pro T2 grey bale, get a motion pro cable luber and use alot of wd-40 as lube. Get a cr lever and perch
(better leverage ratio) and grease, clean and lube it often. I do it every ride and sometimes after I crash!!! Really, most heavy and inconsistent pulls are do to a lack of clutch maitenence. Take some advil too before you ride. It thins the blood out and really relievs the cramps that you are encountering when you ride.
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