May 24, 2001
I took my brand spankin new 520 EXC out for a little ride this past weekend. What a blast! I can't believe how comfortable I felt on it right from the start. It was like it was made for me. I was just taking it real easy on it - don't want to break anything before it's broken in. I don't think I had it above 1/3 throttle the whole day. The power was incredible, but totally manageable. I tried it on hard packed crushed stone road as well as loose sand. The sand whoops were the most fun. One thing I figured out quicly - the faster you go on sand, the easier it is. I was going real slow at first and was having a heck of a time with the front wheel digging in to the sand. Once I opened her up a bit more she just sailed along. I'm still grinning several days later, and can't wait to get back out there.

My 'seat experiment' went very well too. Since I am pretty short (28" inseam), I could barely touch the ground with the toes of one foot when sitting on the stock seat. I was going to cut the stock foam down, but was afraid I would butcher it. What I did was remove the stock foam and replace it with two gel filled inserts. Where did I get gel filled inserts, you ask? At Office Depot! They are computer keyboard wrist rests! They were the perfect length, and two of them together made the perfect width. With those, and a little bit of foam to fill in the contours, I ended up with a decent seat that is cushy enough for my rear and short enough to where I can now touch ground with both feet! The seat is much softer than stock, and squishes down nicely to allow me to get a firm plant on the ground. The gel doesn't squish totally out from under my butt, so I do not 'bottom out' on the plastic underside of the seat.

I've spent the last couple of days cleaning and polishing the bike, and will be changing the oil tomorrow. It'll be ready for this coming weekend. Can't wait!

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